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Ode To The All Niter
It started out a lot of fun; Just me and my pit; pit
grill I'd say we were even,
Both 'bout half lit;
The butts would take the longest, so they went on first; butt
beer And I grabbed a couple beers, so I could quench my thirst; beer
Then came the briskets, after an hour went by; brisket
I cracked open another beer, cause I was getting dry; beer
Put another log on the fire, around eleven I think, log
Things been kinda blurry, since I had my fifth drink; old mil
The temp is holding steady, as far as I can tell, therm
To be perfectly honest, cant see the polder so well; drunk
I went to mop the meat, and check my fire once more, mop
but spilled all the sauce, stubbling out of the door; sauce
Almost out of beer, On my last six-pack, 6 pack
Gonna have to open up that bottle of Jack; jack
Now if the fire goes out, its not that I dont care,
Its just too damn hard, getting up from this chair;
man in chair
I woke up with the dog licking my face, dog
Empty cans and bottles all over the place; cans
I opened the firebox, and there was no doubt,
It's been quite awhile, since the fire has been out;
Oh well, no damage, The meat didn't spoil,
I'll just finish in the oven, all wrapped up in foil;
foil As God is my witness,
and as I stand here,
next all-nighter I do,
I am not drinking beer..


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