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Memphis (Tennessee) WebRing

Memphis Ring Logo The Memphis, Tennessee WebRing is Beale Street Blues, Graceland, Redbirds Baseball, FedEx Forum, Wonders Exhibition Series, Southern Heritage, our Christian Community, Country Roads, Tourism, Real Estate, Memphis Businesses, Southern Mansions on "The Mighty Muddy": the Mississippi River. Join us in the sights and sounds of Memphis, Tennessee.

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You may become a member of the ring by submitting your site to a list of potential new members. After your site has been reviewed by the RingMaster, and if the ringmaster feels your site will be a positive addition, then you will be added to the ring.

Who decides what sites get into the ring?
The sole responsibility for that is on the ringmaster of the ring. No matter how you slice it, it still comes back to the ringmaster to make the final decision.

How does the ringmaster decide what sites can join the ring?
That is strictly up to the ringmaster. The site must be a quality site and fulfill all the requirements and goals of the ring. Allowing poor quality sites in the ring will hurt the growth potential of the ring. Sites need to be interesting and well made.

Do I have to let them?
No. It is strictly up to the ringmaster who is added and not. The ringmaster is the head of the ring and has the final say in the decisions concerning this ring.

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